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2014 WNYKC Class Champions by Will Salisbury at 10/09/2014

After another great season of tough wheel to wheel racing, here is your 2014 WNYKC class champions! Congradulations to everyone that came out and raced, and supported another great year!

Junior 3: Sean Droman

Senior Light: Payton Stroka

Senior Medium: Bill Salisbury

Senior Heavy: Don Stroka

TaG: Will Salisbury



WNYKC at Flamboro Speedway by Craig Drabik at 08/18/2014

We had a great day of racing North of the boroder in Flamboro, Ontario on Saturday.  The Salisburys and Strokas made the trip up, and Rachel Ries made her first appearance of the season.  The Waterloo Regional Kart Club hosted the event, and ran a very well organized show.  Karting is still very popular in Canada, and Waterloo's classes boasted high turnout.  The track itself is very tight, but looked like a fun layout to drive on.

The feature started under threatening skies.  At the start, Bill Salibury got away while Payton Stroka harrassed Will Salisbury for second overall, managing to take the position a few laps in.  Over the next few laps, Payton caught Bill, gapping Will in the process.  Further back, Rachel was hanging onto the back of Don in her first run of the season.

Payton caught Bill with a few laps to go and they started to dice over the lead.  The drizzle started to get worse, and the track got grreasier as we neared the finish.  Coming through the final banked turn on the Flamboro oval, the conditions finally got the better of Payton.  He lost the rear in a slow spin, handing Bill the overall win.  Will came home second in class. 

WNYKC would like to thank our hosts at the Waterloo Kart CLub and hope to see you again next year!

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Latest Results: WNYKC Race 10 (09/28/2014)
Senior Light
  1. Payton Stroka
  2. Rachel Reis
  3. Ricky Hoyt
Senior Medium
  1. Bill Salisbury
  2. Nick Kacala
  3. Rick Hoyt
Senior Heavy
  1. Jim Pelletterie
  2. Don Stroka
Junior 3
  1. Sean Droman
  1. Nick Kacala
  2. Rick Hoyt
  3. Will Salisbury
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